Color Your Wardrobe By The Seasons

Summer Day

An important part of your ensemble is matching its color with the season you’ll be putting it on in.

Let’s give you some quick and easy tips for the combination of dress shirt colors and the seasons.



While the trees and shrubs around you come to life again, so should your wardrobe. Spring is the season of light, bright colors and multi-colored patterns. Colors like light blues, pastels, lavender, and pinks and of course, white all fit well with this season. Get custom shirts of manmade/ synthetic fibers, which are also normally resistant to creasing, as you’ll have to opt for natural fibers once the heat returns. Whether it is check or stripes, you can go all out in this season, experimenting with all kinds of patterns, but keeping in mind not to become too overpowering in your enthusiasm.



This is one of the tougher seasons so bust out your natural cotton made dress shirts that let your skin breathe easily. Linens and silks are also common in this season. Summer is a season of the colors of the lighter side of the spectrum, which are also bold and empowering. Reds, blues, corals, gold’s are all colors of this season so when getting your custom made dress shirts, keep this in mind. Also, summer is also a season patterns so you can experiment with various light colored patterns. Avoid all sorts of dark colors unless you enjoy the feeling of being stuck in a sweltering sauna. While we’re on this note, also avoid all manmade/synthetic fibers. They aren’t breathable enough for the heat of the summer.



The colors become earthier and the fabrics become heavier. Bring out your blends for this season that insulate better, and trap warm air close to your body. While you bring out all your fancy patterned dress shirts for this season, stick to more somber colors like darker tones of blue, olive, maroons, and browns. Fabrics like oxford, broadcloth and chambray are to be used for dress shirts in this weather for maximal heat retention.



This is when you fish out your heaviest fabrics and go all dark in dress shirts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a burgundy or pink dress shirt to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. But for this season stick to flannels and tweeds and oxfords and forest greens and darker blues and all the darker shade of brown and gray.

For a sophisticated appearancePsychology Articles, one must pay attention to every aspect of his dressing. Here’s to hoping the seasonal colors were made easy for you through this article.

by Emma Jenifer



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