Major Dental Problems and Ways To Resolve Them


Tooth problems are troublesome. Our mouth is the breeding ground of bacteria. To be strong and healthy, teeth require a lot of care. Brushing and flossing needs to be done on a regular basis. Here some of the basic dental problems and how you can resolve them:-

Tooth Decay

Often referred as dental cavities, tooth decay happens when bacteria in plaque gets a chance to settle on teeth. It produces an acid which gradually eats the enamel of the tooth and creates holes. This bacteria is found in sugar and starches. The possibility of developing a cavity depends totally on your lifestyle. The more efficiently you are able to maintain your oral health routine, the less likely will be the chance that you will suffer from tooth decay. However, children and elderly are more prone to tooth decay since their enamel is more vulnerable.

The best way of dealing with plaque is by preventing it. Once you have cavities, there is no actual way in which they can be reversed. The only alternative is to fill and repair the cavities to save your enamel. Brush and floss on a regular basis and avoid eating items which are too sweet. In case you develop a cavity, you will have to approach an experienced dentist. If it is ignored, then it might become an infection.

These type of conditions cause a lot of pain and discomfort to patients. So timely repair procedures are necessary, whether in the form of a crown or tooth extraction. Extractions are a last resort measure. So decayed teeth is rarely pulled out.

Gum Disease

It is a bacterial infection caused by accumulation of plaque within mouth. The bacteria eats away the ligaments and gum tissue which hold your teeth in place. There are five stages of gum disease and therefore there is a lot of time and opportunities for you to reverse its process.

During the early stages of gingivitis and mild periodontics, you can reverse the symptoms by undergoing immediate treatment. But if the disease is in the third or fourth phase, then it becomes tougher to treat. Therefore make sure that you give yourself the best possible chance and respond early.

If your gums bleed more than once, then you will need to get in touch with a dentist. This is the major symptom of gingivitis. Experienced dentists stay updated with changes taking place in their profession by referring to dentistry articles . The dentist will do a routine exam by gently probing pockets within the gum tissue. In case the pockets bleeds or cause pain on being touched, there is likelihood that they are infected. You will have to use antibiotics for treating the condition.

The root canal process involves a dentist drilling a hole on the top of the tooth which is infected. Then he will insert a special file and grind away the tooth’s inside till a clear tunnel to its root has been created. Once the passage is open, a suction tool will be inserted and used for removing all nerves and infected pulp tissues. Then the empty tooth structure shall be filled with a tough material named gutta percha. This material prevents bacteria from entering and enhances the tooth strength.


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