Christianity Can Be A Conundrum

Christianity Can Be A Conundrum

Have you ever been confronted with having been given secret information about someone, or something that was in harm's way; but not able to act on their behalf? The example given is in regard to sharing spiritual resources with that person (or situation) without forcing our own belief system. The circumstances warrant that we act like we have not the faintest idea of what is truly happening to those we hold dear, in order to keep their confidence.

After all, the essence of the Creator in relationship to us (His creations) is through the purest form of love we have been given a free will. This goes both ways, of course, I am not telling you anything you do not already know. We can use our free will to do good (by following the commandments given to us who assume the role of Christians,) or choose to follow the fallen, rebellious one.

Either way, we will have to make a stand as to which paradigm to commit to. Those who are on the fence (so to speak) may fill their lives with being overly busy, and just ignore the choice. This is the most dangerous, subtle choice (that still is a choice.) It is like running out in a tornado without noticing, yet hoping to get safely to our destination-somehow without protection. We, in Christ, would reference Ephesians 6:11-18 by 'putting on the whole armor of God,' so as to protect us against the foes that we may not be able to visualize because, 'we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.' These dark forces push their way of thinking on us through mass media that contains not just deliberate, debilitating debauchery of what is good, but infiltrates how our children are being programmed through the school system (which advocates for tolerance of what God has called an abomination.)

By encouraging our children to blend in with society, and not make any waves through questioning authority we put invisible chains on their minds; that will affect how perceptive they are with having a real, wholesome relationship with our Creator, God, Father, Son (Jesus Christ,) and the Holy Spirit. There is a weapon we can use. That weapon is the power of meaningful prayer, and teaching by our examples that 'man does not live by bread alone.' There are so many spiritual benefits that are birthed from the sacrifice of giving up not just food, but the chaotic ways the world has thrust upon us as being normal.

Yes, living a Christian life is a true conundrum. Being Christian does not mean forcing our way of thinking on loved ones, and sometimes that is the hardest part of being a follower of Christ.

I am a Qigong and Kundalini Reiki Practitioner, and experienced Social Worker skilled in Veterans PTSD. I was a victim and now turned victor twice of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother.) I share the healing of negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) that make it a safe place to heal. We stay in the "present while not reliving any trauma.) Contact me at: to find my books, and articles.

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