Love and Your Perfect Match How to Recognize Him Or Her

Love couple

If you want to find your perfect match, you have to look for someone similar to you, that will have many characteristics like yours.

If you fall in love with someone that is too different from you, this is not your perfect match and if you have a relationship with them, it is probably going to end some day, after many deceptions and wounds.

On the other hand, you may find a person that seems to be your perfect match in many points, but that is not as you desire in many others.

You may fall in love with someone who is too stubborn and selfish, which means that your life with them is not going to be at all easy, and you may even end up losing your mental health.

You have to look for a person that will understand you and who will not belong to an opposite psychological type, because if you are introverted and you marry an extroverted psychological type for example, you both will face many problems.

The introverted types always have a personal opinion about everything and they never care about what other people think, but only about what they prefer.

The extroverted types on the contrary, give too much importance to the general opinion and they care more for their social life than for their personal world.

If you think a little bit about the big difference which exists in the way that both types interpret reality and act, you'll realize that a wedding between them can only be a disaster.

However, many people make the big mistake of believing that these differences are not so important, and they even justify their preference for someone who has a personality so different from theirs, saying that they need a person that will push them to do the things that they despise.

Or they may say that the other person completes them, showing them the aspects of reality that they don't see, the same way that they show them what they don't consider in their judgment. Therefore, they conclude that they fit together because each one sees a different side of reality.

This is good only in the beginning of the relationship, when you still haven't lived very long with the other person.

In the beginning the differences seem to be very interesting and you tend to like them.

However, as you live together facing the various problems of life and always having different points of view, different opinions about everything and different reactions to the same problems, you'll start feeling that the other person never understands you.

The other person is going to feel exactly the same about you, and then the conflict will begin.

In the end you are going to fight all the time for the most insignificant reasons. . .

This is really a difficult matter, but you can be helped if you analyse your own dreams.

The wise unconscious mind that produces them gives you direct and real information about the person you love, revealing to your eyes their real character, even before you have lived many moments with them.

This way you'll be able to verify beforehand if the person you care about (or if the person that seems to care about you) is really the ideal one for you, even before getting involved with them and facing the deceptions that would be waiting for you.

This way you'll also be able to discover with confidence the person that is really ideal for you and that will really make you happy: you won't lose them because of pride and your fears!

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