Should You Use Cork Underlayment?

Most people spend a lot of money on the flooring material but they ignore the importance of the underlayment. This is just as important as the floors you will use and you should invest in high quality underlayment such as cork underlayment that provides maximum durability and great comfort. You can search online for underlayment and cork wall panels that meet your requirements.

As the name suggests, the underlayment is placed under the flooring. This is used to provide a solid foundation and the type of underlayment you use will determine the performance of your floors in terms of comfort, longevity and acoustics of the floor. In fewer words, you should choose your under layer wisely because although no one can see what you have under your floors, it will definitely impact the space in which it is installed in. Why should you opt for cork underlayment for your floors?

To begin with, it is easy to install and effective. Although it is recommended to leave this task to professionals to ensure it is done according to high quality standards, specialists in this field will do their job within a reasonable period of time. Another reason why you should not hesitate to use cork as an under layer is the fact that it is very durable and it can be used successfully to disguise minor subfloor imperfections. For example, if your subfloor is not perfect it will result in visual imperfections in your floors and this is the last thing you want.

If you are worried about water and humidity you will be pleased to discover that cork under layer is very stable and it expands in contact with water. There are different types of cork underlayment available on the market that you can buy in order to benefit from moisture protection. This material is highly recommended for sensitive finished flooring products and it provides protection from cracking in the finished floor. Also, it eliminates permanent dents or deformities in the floor and it provides better acoustic and thermal insulation.

By choosing this material as an under layer you will reduce significantly the sound of the footsteps within the room, not to mention that you will enjoy comfortable walking. We are not wrong to say that this type of under layer is a premium product, one that offers you the best value for your money and provides thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. You can use it with confidence to eliminate sounds, small defects in the surface and to benefit from durable and comfortable floors.

All in all, there is nothing like cork underlayment and you will definitely not regret having used it. The same goes for cork wall panels that are available in different degrees of thickness and offer wonderful results. These wall panels are excellent insulators, having an extremely low conductivity of heat and noise. The great thing about this material is the fact that it maintains its insulating properties in all sorts of temperatures.
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