How to Fix Iphone Ipod Not Recognize By Computer

Apple ipod /ipad are widely used gadgets now a days. And for music video lover apple ipod touch, ipod classic, ipod nano and ipod shuffle are very useful device. When you use ipod you frequently need to plug in ipod to computer or laptop. Like you downloaded new movies from itunes store from your computer and you want to transfer video hd movies from computer to ipod. And for that you need to connect your ipod to computer and ipod should get recognized by computer then only you can transfer music song from computer to ipod or ipod to computer. But if your apple ipod not recognized by itunes computer then what. Follow below simple apple ipod troubleshooting for ipod not found by itunes computer. Following things are required to connect ipod with computer itunes. 1. Apple Ipod/ ipad 2. Ipod /ipad usb cable 3. Computer with installed operating system like Microsoft windows 10, windows 8 windows 7. 4. Latest updated itunes software 5. Apple mobile device support driver. Now we go to steps by step ipod troubleshooting to fix ipod not recognize by computer itunes. 1. First turn on your ipod touch or ipod shuffle and tap two tree icon to check that ipod is working fine. 2. Log in with administrative privilege user on your computer and laptop. So if during fixing ipod problem if you need to change anything on your computer you can do it easily. 3. Check the itunes and if not updated update your itunes. To update itunes, open itunes then click on last tab help. Then scroll down and click on check for update. Current itune version is 12.1.3. Even if you don’t have itunes then at least install apple mobile device support driver. This software acts as a driver for apple ipod when you plug in ipod to computer. 4. Now plug in your ipod to computer vie usb cable. If nothing happen than change the usb port on your computer and see what happen. Even after changing usb port problem remain same then change the usb cable of your ipod and again connect to the computer. If still ipod not found by computer itunes then get any other usb device like usb sd card reader. And connect that usb card reader to computer. If card reader is easily recognized by computer than problem might be at ipod usb cable or ipod usb port. But if card reader also not recognized by computer than go to device manager of your computer and find universal serial bus controller port under device manager. And check the driver is properly installed or not, is there any question mark or exclamation or yellow mark around usb port controller then reinstall new usb driver. 6. Now if usb driver is fine, usb cables is working fine then click on my computer or this pc icon on your Microsoft windows computer. And look for and unrecognized or unspecified device or drive within my computer or this pc. If you find unrecognized or unspecified device within my computer or this pc then right click on unspecified device and installed its driver. Here you should install apple mobile device support driver. You can download this apple mobile device driver from internet. 7. Now if drivers are properly installed usb cable is fine then there might be problem at ipod side. So first troubleshoot ipod by restarting ipod. To restart ipod press and hold sleep wake button until red slider come and then slide to power off. Again power on your ipod. After that again connect your ipod to computer. If ipod still not found by itunes computer. Then reset your apple ipod and restore your apple ipod. Resetting and restoring will delete all your data music songs video and hd moves from your ipod. First take back up before restoring ipod. Resetting and restoring will bring your ipod to factory default setting so there are fair chances that ipod got recognized by itunes. Now again connect ipod to computer. If everything is ok than computer gives pop up that new hardware found and installed and you will find your apple ipod within my computer and under itunes you will find ipod device. My ipod site has details information about how to reset and restore ipod. My site also provide detailed troubleshooting for ipod does not recognize by itunes computer and it also provide information about how to unlock your ipod when ipod disabled locked due to lost forgotten password. Here we only discuss about ipod troubleshooting for ipod not detected by computer. 8. If all above steps not able to troubleshoot ipod recognition problem then bring your friend’s apple ipod and connect that ipod with your usb cable to computer. Now if ipod is recognized by itunes and computer then the problem is at your ipod usb port or somewhere inside ipod ios software. Resetting and restoring remove the software level problem so only possible problem remain is ipod usb port. In this case it is advisable to contact apple service center or any authorized apple hardware shop. For more information -…

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