Why Coconut Oil is Good for Skin


Our skin is the most vulnerable organ on our body because it is exposed to germs and free radicals every single second.

Although we have our natural defense (i. e. skin oil) against these harsh microorganisms, it's never enough nowadays considering the ever-increasing amount of free radicals and different types of malicious germs due to global warming and extreme environmental conditions respectively.

Coconut oil is good for our skin because it helps to step up our skin defense by deactivating free radicals and killing germs.

1. Stop Free-Radical Activities

Our skin has strong connective fibers that hold the tissues firmly together. This makes our skin soft, tender and wrinkle-free. But when we expose our skin to UV radiation, the radiation will incite the free radicals in our skin tissues to attack these connective fibers. When they succeed in tearing down the fibers, skin tissues collapse and wrinkles appear.

Coconut oil is good at preventing saggy and wrinkled skin caused by free-radical attacks because its saturated fatty acids have an antioxidative effect on free radicals, which means, they can help to suppress oxidation and hence, deactivate any free-radical reactions.

Not only that, coconut oil has loads of medium-chain fatty acids that are super good at stimulating cellular metabolism. This helps to repair and replace any damaged cells and tissues quickly and timely so that your skin won't sag and collapse so easily.

2. Fight Germs

Germs are everywhere. There is no way you can avoid them. That's why our body produces natural skin oil to help protect us against them. It's good. But it's never good enough for the ever-increasing malicious viruses and super bacteria coming out of nowhere nowadays. It's high time to strengthen your skin defense by using coconut oil.

The same group of medium-chain fatty acids that stimulate metabolism (as mentioned earlier) has the power of fighting harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites living on your skin. Even if they happen to gain entry into your skin tissues, the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can penetrate deep into your skin to fight and kill them on the spot.

Oh, speaking of that, while penetrating your skin to fight and kill germs, the toxins that stored in your skin tissues over the years will also get purged. This may cause a somewhat “acne" breakout, which in fact, is an extra detox service “offered" by coconut oil along the way.

Detox is good for skin, isn't it? And for your info, some acne sufferers are even using coconut oil to treat acne and their acne does improve. So, if you're suffering from acne, you might want to give coconut oil a shot.

These are the reasons why coconut oil is good for skin.

So do you simply smear a good amount of coconut oil on your skin and your skin will look good? No. In fact, you should apply just a thin layer to your skin and let your skin absorb this layer first before you put another layer on. Doing so helps to prevent your skin from getting saturated and becoming greasy (greasy skin sticks dust easily and makes you feel sticky and dirty). That's how you should use coconut oil for skin care and using a small amount goes a long way. Do apply as often as you deem fit.




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