Article Marketing - Should You Submit To Multiple Article Directories? If So, How Many?

Article Marketing - Should You Submit To Multiple Article Directories? If So, How Many?

There was one question that I had, that I wasn't sure who I could trust for the most accurate answer. I read article after article and I even read a few training manuals, and I still felt conflicted about the answer. What is the question you ask? The question was simple, should you submit articles to multiple directories, and if so, how many?

Let me start by saying, that if you want to learn about article writing, start with one directory that has live people who proof, edit and approve all articles that get published on their directory. The feedback you get will be invaluable.

Second, I think you should be willing to read 20 or 30 articles, and then buy and complete the training materials of one of the authors that you feel best suits you based on the articles you were able to read for free.

And Finally, I think that you have to have written at least 25 articles, maybe more, for some people a lot more, until you really start to have a handle on article writing.

Notice I did not say that you should not write any articles until you have done any of these things. I did not even say that you should not write any articles on article writing until you have done any of these things.

As matter of fact, if you really want to learn about and become a master article writer, then write 10 to 25 articles on article writing. I cannot think of a better way to learn anything than to try and teach it to someone else.

As a matter of fact, I don't think you can consider yourself a real master at anything until you have taught someone else to be a master. Again, I am not saying you can't be an expert, but to really master something, you have to have successfully taught others to do the thing.

Ok, what was my question again? Oh yeah, multiple directories yes or no, and if so, how many? Let me explain one more thing quickly so you know why this question is not obvious. The reason is the search engines and what some describe as a penalty for duplicate content.

The search engines would not be doing their job if you did a search and got two full pages of results from one article that had been submitted and published to a thousand different places on the Internet. Not to mention that spammers use tactics like this to try and beat the system and the search engines are adding value by not letting such things work or go unchecked.

Let me just finish by saying that the goal is article syndication. You submit your articles to directories not only so the search engines will give your articles appropriate search engine rankings for their key word content, but you submit them so others can use your articles on their blogs, websites and in their ezines because they are looking for content to help them keep fresh and interesting information.

The bottom line is that the search engines have hundreds of other variables that they use to determine ranking, with the goal to be human friendly. The value you get through exposure and back links to your site through your articles being widely syndicated has an intrinsic value that supplies viewers to your website independently of the search engines: for a sense of security, you should know that you are not completely dependent on the search engines for all your traffic and your livelihood.

So publish your articles to good and widely accepted article directories on the Internet and let them do their part for you through syndicating your articles and supplying traffic back to your site.

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